How to add applications in Pro user SmartSignin account?

Applications can be add to pro user account in two ways. 

Using Add an Application

  1. Login to your account from here.
  2. Click on 'Add Application' tab in the left navigation.
  3. Fill up the form shown below:
    Enter a friendly name in 'Website Name' to identify the application later on.
    Either enter the login URL in 'Website URL' textbox or search an application from our library to add in to your account.
    Assign a tag to the application so you can easily filter it out in future.

Using Browse Our Library

  1. Click on 'Browse Our Library' tab in the left navigation.
  2. Either search an application using the Search Box or filter applications using tags as shown in image below:
  3. Click on any application to add it in your account and fill your login credentials. Click Submit when you're done.
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  • 12-Mar-2014