What are the advantages of business/enterprise version of SmartSignin?

SmartSignin's business/enterprise version provides Identity & Access Management solution along with Single Sign-On (available for individual users). Some of the key advantages of using enterprise version of SmartSignin are:

  • Easy on-boarding and off-boarding of employees: No problems of rogue employees as it takes only a click to remove access of an ex employee from the company's resources. 
  • Reduced number of usernames and passwords: No employee needs to know the login credentials of the applications he wants to access. It is centrally controlled by an administrator.
  • Easy integration with different Identity Stores: SmartSignin can synchronize the enterprise user identities with multiple identity stores like Windows Active Directory,LDAP, Google Apps, SalesForce etc. Organizations can also use SmartSginin as their User Identity Store to manage their workforce.
  • Self generating audit reports for compliance: SmartSignin records and reports all the actions taken by the employees (required for compliance) like when was an application accessed, by whom, from where and from which device.
  • Right analytics to understand the application usage: SmartSignin provides analytics with graphs for the status of the users in the system, application usage metrics etc. This helps in making smart decisions and reducing the cost.
  • Protection from phishing attacks: As employees don't know the login credentials the problem of phishing attacks are eliminated altogether.
  • Group and role based access control: This allows administrators to assign access of users to different applications based on roles and groups. If administrator wants to give access to all the team members in marketing for Mailchimp, they can form a group with access to Mailchimp and add users to it.
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  • 12-Mar-2014