How can I change my security settings?

Selecting the security button on the left navigation will take you to a page where you can customize things such as your password, your anti-phishing image, and other details that pertain to your account.  

Security settings

Knowledge based authentication: to boost the security of your account you can check the box. By selecting this box, you will be authenticated with knowledge-based security questions every time you sign into SmartSignin from an unknown IP address, new device or browser not associated with your account. 

Sessions timeout: you can select a value between 20 minutes and 180 minutes and system will log you out if you are inactive longer than the time you have selected.


Security questions 

These are a set of three knowledge based security questions and answers that you can set. These questions will only be asked if you have selected the knowledge based authentication questions for enhanced security.


Change passwords

Here you can change your password used to login to your SmartSignin account. It is recommended that you change your password at least once a month. 

Manage profile

Here you can manage your personal profile such as your name, last name, your image verification selection as well as the option of using your mobile device to obtain an SMS one-time password (OTP) to login to your SmartSignin account. 

Image verification: You can upload an image or select from among the images provided by SmartSignin. Image verification prevents phishing and will provide our users with the assurance that they are logging into their genuine SmartSignin account. 

Mobile SMS: For users who want the option of additional security through 2-factor authentication, an SMS one-time password (OTP) will be generated and sent directly to your mobile device to login to your SmartSignin account.

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  • 14-Aug-2014