How to integrate Netsuite with SmartSignin Business/Enterprise account?

To integrate and import all your users from Netsuite into SmartSignin follow these steps:

  1. Login to SmartSignin’s enterprise dashboard by entering the administrator login credentials here.
  2. Inside SmartSignin application click on ‘Synchronize Identity Store’ tab in the left navigation menu.
  3. In the pop up select Netsuite and click ‘Next’ button as shown below:
  4. Download SmartSignin certificate by clicking on ‘Download X.509 Certificate’ as shown in the figure below and save it on your desktop. This certificate will be required in further steps.
  5. Leave the current browser tab and open a new tab. Type the following URL in the new tab and enter your administrator login credentials to reach admin dashboard.
  6. In the top navigation click on 'Setup'. Click on 'Integration' then 'Manage integration' and finally on 'Web Services Preferences'.
  7. In 'Web Services Preferences' copy the 'Account ID' as shown below, it will be required in further steps to configure Netsuite in SmartSignin. 
  8. For setting up Single Sign-On in Netsuite -
    - In the top navigation click on Setup and then, go to Company --> Company --> 'Setup Tasks’ and click on ‘Enable Features’. Click on SuiteCloud within Enable Features.
    - In the Single Sign-on section, Check the SAML Single Sign-on box. A pop up will be displayed with agreement, click on I Agree. Now click on Save in SuiteCloud. This will enable Single Sign-on.
  9. To setup SAML settings navigate to Setup --> Integration --> Single Sign-On Tasks --> SAML Single Sign-On. The screen will look like as shown below:

    Then in the form shown above add the following information:
    - Logout Landing Page -
    - Identity Provider Login Page - Copy the SAML Endpoint from step #4 from above and paste in this field.
    - Indicate IDP metadata URL - Copy the Issuer URL from step #4 from above and paste in this field.
    - Click Submit.
  10. Move back to the tab where you have SmartSignin application opened. In the next screen you'll see the form below. Enter your Netsuite administrator email address, password and the Account ID you copied in step #7.
  11. Once you click next your SmartSignin account will be linked to Netsuite and you will be able to import users.
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  • 24-Jun-2014